Chinese Fistology is also known as Chinese Kung Fu. To a lot of people, Kung Fu means just the fighting techniques. However, the true form of Kung Fu contains much more.

In fact, Chinese Kung Fu is an art form that we can continuously study and practice. There is a lot of knowledge and philosophy behind the concept of Chinese Fistology that is passed down from one generation of students to another.

Although Kung Fu can not be “learned” from a computer or calculator, we the student utilize our body as a notebook and our mind as a pen to retain the “learned” techniques of Chinese Fistology.

For thousands of years, Chinese Martial Art teachers “passed” all of the knowledge and philosophy they have learned, as well as any additional skills they have obtained during their lifetime to their students.

The main purpose is to teach the students how to separate right and wrong; love and hate; and how to distinguish between good and bad habits.

Once a student can separate the good from the bad, he/she can work toward retaining the good, and getting rid of the bad. Kung Fu is not just a combat skill or even just
a sport. It contains methods to train and maintain a healthy body.

The most important is that it teaches us to understand and master our body. It can also enable us to use it to help others. In order to form a useful body, one must start from the foundation, then build strength and skill on this foundation.

Training must include internal and external forces, mental and physical abilities. That is, to train the whole body into one unit; mind and body.