Sifu Koo:

A Chinese Fistologist who has mastered the internal and external skills, and has trained continuously since 1958. He was a disciple of Southern Praying Mantis of Zhu Lin Temple of Jiang-Xi province in China, and a fourth generation disciple of Hsin Yee.

Sifu Koo has also studied Taichi and Hsin Yee from his master, Dr. Chen, the grand student of Wang Hsiang Chi (founder of Hsin Yee).He has practiced Taichi since the late ’70s.

His main goal for teaching is to teach someone who is dedicated to learning
the true form of Chinese Fistology. Someone who is interested in carrying  on the culture of Chinese Fistology to  spread this knowledge to every corner of the world.

Monk Huang Mei (Red eyebrow), Abbott superior in charge of the Zhu Lin Temple of Jiang-Xi Province and founder of the institute of Praying Mantis stated in his bequest to his disciple Monk Lee Sim See, who in turn bequest to his followers Master Lee Wing Sing (Section Representative) and Master Wong Yuk Kong (Form Represetative), then to Sifu Koo, the following statement:

“Teach not the non-benevolent ones even though they are related by blood. For the benevolent but unrelated student, you may instruct. Sharp eyes and shrewd mind are essence of success. Solid strides, and swift hand movements while the body moves lightly. To float, to dip, to release or to retract as the occasion requires. Move left or right, to ascend or to descend along with the tidal forces”