Chinese Fistology is a Martial Arts school located in Portland, Oregon that trains individuals to strengthen the relationship between the mind and body. Through the styles of Tai Chi, I-Chuan and Southern Style Praying Mantis Kung-fu, one learns to unify their body and mind into one unit.

“Followers of the Institute of Praying Mantis must never pass on this art in hast, Misfortune will descend upon
those who disobey and instruct anyone without knowing the person well.”

- Monk Huang Mei (Red Eyebrow)


  • Maintain physical health and well being
  • Understand the priciples of Chinese Fistology
  • Self defense
  • Protect the weak


  • Respect Teacher
  • Respect Elders
  • Respect Education
  • Be Benevolent and Righteous
  • Be Just and Merciful
  • Achieve Mastery of Fistology Principles


  • Be Sincere
  • Be Diligent
  • Be Humble